Advertising requirements for the Weekender Herald to create your advertisement.

  • 1 column = 34mm
  • 2 columns = 72mm
  • 3 columns = 109mm
  • 4 columns = 146mm
  • 7 columns = 260mm
  • Quarter page = 186mm deep x 129mm
  • Half page = 186mm deep x 260mm
  • Full page = 374mm deep x 260mm

Images supplied need to follow the following guidelines:

  • High resolution - At least 250-300 DPI.
  • In JPEG or TIFF format.

Email your files to

  • Include the name of your company and a refererence to what the file is for.
  • If your email will exceed 10mb in size, try zipping your files or sending them separately in multiple emails.

If you have changes to make on your proof, contact the artwork department directly.

In order to create the best advertisement that we can for you, we need:

  1. Your thoughts on what you want to communicate to your clients:
    • The main message or heading.
    • The details you want included.
    • Your contact details.
    • Any images or photos to be included.
  2. Accurate copy details:
    • Think about the wording of your advertisement - it's meaning should be clear, succint and grammatically correct.
    • Remember the KISS principle - a few carefully chosen words can be more effective than screeds of information.
  3. Information about your 'corporate colours' or 'corporate style':
    • Any common colours or themes which you use for promotional material.
    • Specific fonts or styles which you use in your company letterhead.
  4. A good copy of your logo:
    • A high resolution JPEG or TIFF following our image guidelines.
    • Alternatively, a print quality PDF or high quality printed version to scan.
  5. High quality photos:
    • The better the initial image, the better the final result.
    • Photos of objects that are to be cut out should have a plain background, try placing a piece of white cardboard behind and under the object and remove other distractions from the shot.
    • Any digital photos or images supplied should meet our image guidelines.
    • We can scan and use your printed photos but they must be of a high quality.
    • You need to own the copyright - photos cut out from other publications or downloaded from the Internet cannot be used.
  6. Time:
    • The sooner you provide us with the raw material, the more time we will have to spend on your advertisement.

We send proofs to you by email or fax before going to print, please carefully read all the details in your advert. Pay special attention to phone numbers, prices and dates - if any changes are required, contact us immediately.

Advertising requirements for ads supplied as finished art.

Full colour adverts
  • Complete advert must be of the correct size and using CMYK colours.
  • Must be supplied in CMYK as a press quality PDF or Adobe Illustrator (.eps) with fonts and pictures embedded.
  • Any images supplied should meet our image guidelines.
Black and white adverts.
  • Complete advert must be of the correct size and in greyscale.
  • Must be supplied in greyscale as a press quality PDF or Adobe Illustrator (.eps) with fonts and pictures embedded.
  • Any images supplied should meet our image guidelines.

The Weekender Herald

The Weekender Herald aims to provide the best print medium for our clients to achieve the maximum exposure for their messages to our readers and their potential clients within our targeted area.

The Weekender Herald is an independent, innovative, good-news paper serving the Adelaide Hills and Mt Barker council areas. Founded in 1992, the paper is the leader in providing up-to-date, relevant lifestyle content. It seeks to maximise its appeal and relevance to readers and consumers on behalf of its advertisters.